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Each project I work on is a piece of a puzzle. Small parts that create a stronger whole. I see each of these as individual links that fit together and weave over a decade of experience where successes, challenges, and bumps in the road interlace. Through it all, my portfolio and collection of work bear witness to this puzzle that slowly but surely reveals my skills and interests. I see this puzzle as ever-growing and I’m excited to find the next pieces I need to make the overview even more enthralling. Will your project be the next piece?

I am an experienced animator and visual effect artist, working primarily to find solutions to any problem through research and development. Throughout my time in the industry, I have built a strong portfolio of work, with satisfied clients across the globe.

2021 Showreel

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I had the pleasure of working with Prateek for three years. Prateek’s technical knowledge and capacity to learn software is second to none. He is quick in developing innovative, visually exciting digital solutions to any brief. He is hard-working, polite, and an asset to any team, always keen to support and mentor others. More @ Linkedin
Mark Collington
Prateek is an excellent animator. A very hard working guy, he has a unique combination of skills that can bring any project to successful completion including project management, direction, technical competence, creativity. I would love to work with Prateek again. More @ Linkedin
Sylvia Tzvetanova Yung
Prateek is a reliable and dedicated young man and very creative. After attending a YOPEY awards ceremony, he created an animation film that we were able to use to promote our organisation. Later, under my direction, he edited a film that we plan to use for several years to promote YOPEY in schools. He also attended a YOPEY awards ceremony as a volunteer and recruited other volunteers to help on the day. I recommend Prateek wholeheartedly. More @ Linkedin
Tony Gearing
Prateek is an excellent creative and co-worker. He provides passion and creative verve to any project he is presented with. I can highly recommend Prateek for his professionalism and team-spirit. More @ Linkedin
Colin Davies
A talented 3D animation artist who also proven himself to be highly talented video editor. Prateek is reliable and has a good sense of time-management. He combines the professionalism of delivering according to required spec with the confidence to creatively translate a vision. He’s also a pleasant guy, enjoys teaching other people what he knows, likes to problem solve – a good team player all round. More @ Linkedin
Sholi Loewenthal
Prateek is incredibly talented. To be blunt, I have never worked with someone more talented in his areas of expertise. A wonderful future awaits. More @ Linkedin
Lee McAteer
I had the pleasure to work with Prateek on a common project about 2 years ago. Prateek is a very talented Animator & Graphic designer with multiple skills that serves him very well. He knows what he is doing and has a lot of potential. He has wonderful leadership skills and is very proactive when it comes to start a project. He is also a very hard worker that is passionate about art in general... More @ Linkedin
Jean Claude DeLaRonde